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How to Contribute

There are three main ways to contribute with Cimientos’ work:
Individual sponsorships
People interested in supporting one specific child in order to help him or her not to drop out can join the program for the time period they want. In this way, you will be granting your "godchild" access to the same opportunities than any other kid. The costs of maintaining a kid in school are $100 per month during the 10-month academic calendar (March-December). Of that sum, $70 is given directly to the family for basic stipends and $30 is used to monitoring and supporting the kid's scholar activities. You can donate either the $70/month for stipends, the $30 for support or the full $100 needed for keeping the child at school.

As a donor you will receive periodic information on your kid's attendance and academic performance. Donors can even get to know personally their "godchildren" if they want.

Corporate sponsorship
Any firm can contribute with Cimientos' mission by supporting the number of students desired. Hence, it would be assuring the permanence of one kid in the educational system during one year for each scholarship the company donates. The Company may choose to support children in towns close to where the Company operates in Buenos Aires or it may just select any of the locations where Cimientos is currently working.

Each scholarship costs $1000 per year. This amount includes $700 paid monthly to the child and $300 to finance the strict monitoring and support of the child's activities. The donor Company will receive information on Cimientos' financials as well as the supported children academic performance. The Company will have the chance to meet the beneficiaries. Also, donor Corporations can choose to be mentioned in every fundraising event or promotional material.

Lump sum grant
Any individual or institution would be contributing much to providing poor children with equality of educational opportunities by donating a lump sum to Cimientos. The use of the donation will be discussed with the contributor. Depending on the amount, it may be used for a number of scholarships, for financing overall administrative activities or for the development of special projects.

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