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Fundación Cimientos is a nonprofit organization established in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1998. Its mission is to promote equal educational opportunities to poor children by means of programs that prevent school drop out.
Thanks to the generous support of national and international companies, as well as contributions from individuals, Cimientos provides families in some of Buenos Aires's poorest neighborhoods with a small monthly stipend to offset the family expenses that might otherwise force the student to drop out.
What we ask in return is that the student and his/her family agree, in writing, to join with Cimientos in doing everything possible to keep that child in school and studying. A rigorous monitoring program conducted by social workers that are continually involved with the student, the family and the teachers backs up that agreement.
Students selected for Cimientos scholarships come from some of the most desperate circumstances. Not only are they living in extreme poverty, but also their families are in crisis, for reasons such as death of or abandonment by a parent, loss of a job or serious illness. In short, these are families that need help desperately. For some of our families, the money they receive from us each month is the only stable income they have to rely on.

Fundación Cimientos
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