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Program implementation

1. Beneficiary selection Process
Through a strict selection process, Cimientos intends to identify those children who can truly benefit from their participation in this program. The areas where the program is applied are defined according to the surveyed needs and the areas covered by the companies that sponsor children. The educational institutions where the program is implemented must: teach the complete EGB3 (7th, 8th and 9th grades), render services mostly to low-income people and have a qualified professional team.

The next step is to inform the families about the program.

All applicants must fulfill the following requirements:
  • To be taking the EGB3
  • To show interest, concern and commitment towards their study
  • To belong to a low-income family
  • The existence of a family situation that jeopardizes their school attendance and performance
  • The existence of an adult who will take responsibility for the use of the scholarship
Applicants and their responsible adult are interviewed and a home visit by a social worker from the program is done.

Last, all resulting information is thoroughly examined. A case-by-case final decision is taken and is informed to all the families and institutions that have taken part in the selection process.

2. Incorporation into the program and follow-up process
The incorporation begins with the subscription of the commitment documents by the beneficiaries and their agreement to the conditions and terms for scholarship continuance. The families receive a debit card for collection purposes. Sponsors are appointed and informed thereof.

Throughout the school year the beneficiary, the guardian and a member of the Foundation hold monthly follow-up meetings where the beneficiary's evolution and school performance is considered. In the event of irregular situations or non-fulfillment of undertaken commitments, measures are considered (scholarship suspension or loss).

Communication is fluently held with the school professionals, as another means to know the impact of the scholarship on the children's school performance.

3. Scholarship evaluation and Renewal
At the end of the school year, each case is comprehensively evaluated in order to weight the obtained achievements and to consider the scholarship renewal for the following year.

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