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The Results
Cimientos started its action in 1998 supporting 16 children in Tigre and Don Torcuato, in Buenos Aires' suburbs, Argentina. Thanks to an increase in individual and corporation's contributions, we could support 35 kids in 1999 and 90 in 2000.

So far the program's results have been impressive: of 90 children receiving Cimientos scholarships in the 2000 school year, only 2 dropped out, a figure that is well below the typical numbers for students living in these circumstances.

In the 2001 academic year, we are working with 180 students and their families, and have plans to help about 300 students during year 2002.

The "level of happiness" and gratification of the supported students shows that the program is being extremely successful to date. For these families to have a son or daughter selected for a scholarship is cause of enormous pride. Much bigger is the pride of the student, who is able to bring helpful income to his/her home by means of studying.

Every day, all of us who work for Cimientos get more convinced that we are making a difference in these families.

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