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The Situation
Today in Argentina, there is a growing sense of desperation. Efforts to pull the economy out of recession have yet to bear fruit, unemployment is a continuing and growing problem and daily survival is becoming a struggle for many.
Argentine law requires that all children complete at least the 9th grade. But, particularly among the extreme poor, the pressure on teenage children to drop out to find work or otherwise support their families is intense. In a climate of rising unemployment and with limited skills, however, their chances of finding a decent job are slim at best.
Additionally, these children are leaving school out at a point in their educations at which they begin to obtain some of the skills that could ultimately help them climb out of their poverty. There are currently more than 300,000 estimated youths who don't either study or work in Buenos Aires' suburbs. This youth are therefore in a highly vulnerable situation in social terms. Fundación Cimientos was established with one goal in mind - to give poor children and their families what they need to allow the students to stay in school.

Fundación Cimientos
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