Make Documentaries with a Mayan Coproducer

Let the people share their 
experiences with you.

The Center of Mayan Women Communicators
3 weeks of Participatory Documentary Making
  • Complete a Documentary, from concept to product, with a Guatemalan partner
  • Share perspectives, ideas and credit for the work
  • Themes include:
    • women, education, rainforest flora and fauna, herbal healing, Mayan weaving and handicrafts, environment and local problems, healthcare, midwifery, traditions, gender, children
    • or present your own and we will find a coproducer interested in your topic
  • Use our Cameras and Professional Editing Bay
  • Professional consultation in research and planning, using the equipment, working as a team, avoiding racist and sexist paradigms, interviewing techniques, cutaways, ethics and distribution
  • VHS Master Tape included - optional Hi8 or Betacam SP for extra charge
  • Cost:  $1,200 USD

    • 3 weeks work, 5 day minimum each
    • Workshops: theoretical and hands on
    • video shoots and hands on co-edit
    • most transportation
    • translator

    For an extra charge:

    • optional housing with a family and 3 meals a day
    • spanish tutor available by the day or the hour