We can give them a second life.


InterConnection is an experienced and trusted provider of high-quality refurbished desktop and laptop computers, monitors and peripherals to non-profit organizations and underserved communities in the U.S. and around the world.

InterConnection operates a state-of-the-art computer refurbishing plant in Seattle, Washington where all computers are refurbished before they are distributed.

InterConnection offers computer refurbishing services to nonprofit organizations and private businesses that want to distribute used computers. InterConnection charges the following fees to test, refurbish and upgrade computer equipment:

To request refurbishing services for your computers email



Registration, discovery and wipe report

• Equipment received and unpackaged
• Hard drives securely wiped and wipe report generated
• Items boot tested and inspected for major cosmetic and internal damage.
• Item’s make, model and hardware specifications recorded.
• Motherboard inspected for leaking or domed capacitors.
• Digital copy of discovery report emailed to client
$5 for desktops and laptops
$3 for LCDs

Clean Computer

• Dust is vacuumed out, and high pressure air is sprayed in power supply, processor, fans and throughout the case.
• All stickers are removed and case is cleaned


• Missing parts replaced such as hard drive, memory and cards.* (*Fees charged to replace missing parts. See rate sheet below)
• BIOS set to default, Boot order set to CD Rom first
• CD ROM, fan, battery, and power supply checked.
• Replace slot covers if needed. Shake for rattles.
• Refurbishing to specification with any amount of reconfiguration

Diagnostic Test / Quality Control

• PCs are quality controlled and tested to the highest possible standard by industry leading diagnostic testing software.
• Components such as CPU, RAM and hard drive are subjected to various individual tests and then intensely tested as a system to simulate standard use.
• All tests are verified by hardware test log which is printed and attached to all PCs and laptops.
NOTE: Hardware testing significantly reduces returns and enable verification of hardware based RMAs
$15 for desktops and laptops

$5 for LCDs

Windows Install and Licensing

• Windows and Microsoft Office installed. (Office available for non-profits only).
• Add $30 per computer for license and install for businesses.
• All updates applied.
• Installation verified (verification that all drivers present and boot without error)
$6 for Windows
$6 for Office
$15 for Install
($27 total)

Post install software activation

• Key code entered and software is activated

Backup Partition

• An image of the computer’s hard drive is captured and stored in a back up partition.
• A boot disk for launching the image is provided with each computer.

Bulk Packaging

• Computers placed on pallet and shrink wrapped.
• Inventory sheet attached to pallet that includes hardware specifications and tracking numbers.
• Inventory sheet emailed to client.

Logistics - One-unit-per-shipment (Domestic Shipments)

• Boxing and shipping of finished units
• Handling receipt and processing of authorized and valid RMAs (retesting of hardware, verification of recipient issue, reshipping)
• NOTE 1: Authorization of RMAs/support of software is not offered
• NOTE 2: Valid RMAs are those with hardware issues (verified by hardware testing), case defects (not caused in shipment) and other issues found to result from IC processes
(shipping costs not included.)

Logistics - Pallet (International/Bulk Domestic Shipments)

• For domestic shipments includes palletization and required logistical concerns point-to-point from InterConnection to recipient
• For international shipments also includes sourcing of necessary country specific customs and shipping information
$100 domestic fee
$300 international fee