Amigos de El Pilar
Bullet Tree Falls, Cayo

Road to Bullet Tree
Camino a Bullet Tree

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El Pilar is about 12 miles north of San Ignacio beyond the village of Bullet Tree Falls. Take the Bullet Tree Road north of San Ignacio to Bullet tree Falls. In Bullet tree Falls, you will head for the river crossing. Just before the bridge you will see the Be Pukte Cultural Center of the Amigos de El Pilar. The Be Pukte is open to all who come to the area and wish to see community arts and crafts, see the El Pilar model, and get information on El Pilar. It is a great place to stop to and from the El Pilar Archaeological Reserve for Maya Flora and Fauna. To go on to El Pilar, cross the Mopan River Bridge and you will see signs directing you to the ElPilar Road.

The Reserve is located 7 miles from Bullet Tree on an all-weather limestone road that ascends 900 feet above the Belize River Valley. It is easily reachable by vehicle or horseback and there are even bicycle rentals available in San Ignacio for those who wish to mountain bike up. Hiking is recommended only for experienced hikers (carrying plenty of water) as the road is unshaded and can be a very hot walk. Taxis can also be hired in San Ignacio and in Bullet Tree Falls. The caretakers live in a modern green-roofed house along the road at the south end of the site and are very happy to show the visitor around. In addition, the BRASS/El Pilar Program has worked closely with the Cayo Tour Guides Association to train local guides about the Reserve and any licensed tour guide can arrange for a visit and tour. For more information on the El Pilar program download a copy of the El Pilar Trail Guide. You can also search the program website for more information on the site and the ancient Maya of Belize.

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