Amigos de El Pilar
Bullet Tree Falls, Cayo

Road to Bullet Tree
Camino a Bullet Tree

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The NGO, Help for Progress, is committed to work in partnership with local and international collaborating agencies to empower underprivileged rural people so that they can emerge from their depressed socio-economic and environmental condition to live and enjoy an improved quality of life. Our participation in the El Pilar Program envisions a future where local communities around El Pilar can see their role as participants and beneficiaries of resource management. This can only be accomplished by creating opportunities at the village level where immediate livelihood issues are addressed in the short term that enhance rather than detract from local community resources. We see the El Pilar Program as a model that can help the rural communities of the Maya forest recognize their own assets and contribution to the conservation of their resources for their benefit. The outcome will not only benefit them but the world at large.

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