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Marcos Garcia

Amigos de El Pilar
Bullet Tree Falls, Cayo

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Amigos de El Pilar (AdEP) is a group organized in Bullet Tree Falls by the residents of the riverside community in 1993. The objectives of AdEP are to participate and support in the establishment of the El Pilar Archaeological Reserve for Maya Flora and Fauna. AdEP has a vision for the future and hopes to raise the standard of living through ecotourism by implementing activities that complement the goals of the El Pilar Archaeological Reserve and developing new work opportunities and education on conservation of flora, fauna, and the archaeology of the Maya forest.

To realize these objectives, the founding members took action and formally established Amigos de El Pilar in Belize on the 7 of September 1994. At the moment, the group has 53 members of which 39 are active. The organization now has its own site on community lands with a roofed slab structure where AdEP members meet every two weeks. At these meetings, members discuss plans and desire for more development, more education, and more publicity. Part of these plans are to convert the structure into a Cultural Center, called Be Pukte (Bullet Tree Road in Mayan) which would be used for education on the importance of biodiversity and sustainable alternatives for living with our environment. Our activities revolve directly around these goals.

Amigos de El Pilar has dreams, visions, and hopes for the future. The group has taken steps to start a forest orchard garden at the group's site, Be Pukte. We are collecting seeds and seedlings donated from within the group. This will be an example for another at El Pilar because in this way the group will be involved in more activities, more promotions, more work, and more education. And the community will be in a position to take advantage of all that El Pilar can offer. The group is very, but very, interested in the El Pilar Archaeological Reserve for Maya Flora and Fauna. Dear reader, we hope that you will help and support us to make these dreams to become a reality and together we can have a better future.

In the name of the group,

Marcos Garcia
El Pilar Resident

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