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This strategy for polycultuvation is based on the notion that replication of the natural environmental diversity is the key to sustainability. The Maya forest-garden design is based on the ancient Maya template. The design strategy will develop an eclectic mix of economic plants that depend on available labor inputs, rather than scarce capital, to provide a diverse subsistence base as well as potential cash crops. Included in this scheme will be nitrogen fixing legumes, such as acacia and beans, and phosphate generating palms, such as corozo or cohune, that together regenerate soils depleted by grains, such as maize.

Beginning a small-scale household plan, the strategy will focus on basic investments to bring the lands of El Pilar into a new land management regime. Based on research and the community knowledge of cultigens and with the resources and support of the Department of Agriculture and Central Farm Agricultural College, with the experience of the Guatemala NGO Centro Maya, the roster of resources will evolve to be worked into a dynamic planting design.


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