Amigos de El Pilar
Bullet Tree Falls, Cayo

Road to Bullet Tree
Camino a Bullet Tree

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Amigos de El Pilar welcome you to visit and see their locally made handcrafts for sale including wood carvings, picture frames, masks, corn-husk dolls, T-shirts, embroidery, baskets, local folklore stories and more.

Take the opportunity to view the beautiful scale model of the El Pilar monumental Maya site and learn about he El Pilar Archaeological reserve for Maya Flora and Fauna.

The center is run by Amigos de El Pilar, a community based organization, with membership open to all interested in our local culture and nature. Your purchase of gifts goes to help the artisans and the organization with its goals of promoting protection of the El Pilar Archaeological reserve, community development, and environmental education.

Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday 9AM to 3 PM
Or by appointment: 093-7003, ask for Teresa Garcia 

Be Pukte is in conveniently located in Bullet tree Falls on the Bullet tree Road just before the bridge right on the way to El Pilar.

Be Pukte is Mayan for Bullet tree Road. The Maya Glyph we use as our logo is the hieroglyph for Be Pukte:

Be = Road (the foot)
Pukte = Bullet Tree (the cartoche)

The Be Pukte Cultural and Craft Center in situated on village lands and was constructed with the help of many volunteers and support from the local and the international community.

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