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Conservation, Education,and
Hope in the Andes of

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    Fundación Ñucanchi Yuracuna's mission is to conserve and propagate native Andean forest, and to help educate Ecuadorians about the importance of retaining and restoring their natural environment. 

    A principal goal of FNY is to help improve the standard of living in five local communities by teaching them how to sustainably use their environment. Our project is three-fold: Conservation, Education, and Hope. 

    Our primary objective is to purchase approximately 400 acres of forest that ranges from about 4,000-4,800 meters. The forest is perched in a valley near the summit of the long dormant volcano Carihuayraso. 

FÑY is working with Escuela Superior Politecnica de Chimborazo, a local Ecuadorian University, and the Yale Tropical Resources Institute to research more about the forest and the communities that depend on it for their daily needs.

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Fundación Ñucanchi Yuracuna
Conservation, Education, and Hope in the Andes of Ecuador
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