We are experts in computer export and have shipped to over 40 countries.

Since 1999 we have shipped tens of thousands of computers to NGOs of computers to organizations in 40 countries and all 50 states. Shipments include those to schools in Belize, Paraguay and El Salvador, NGOs in Uganda and Kenya and disaster relief projects in Haiti, Pakistan and Chile. We are specialist in computer export and can ship by sea and air from small boxes to large ocean container loads.

InterConnection operates a state-of-the-art computer refurbishing plant in Seattle, Washington. Our hands-on and personally managed approach ensures all computers meet the highest quality control standards. All computers are cleaned, upgraded, and pass a series of documented tests before they are shipped. Our goal is to ensure that all computers will be reliable and usable for a long time.

InterConnection is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher which means all computers can come with new Windows 10 Professional and Microsoft Office licenses.

InterConnection offers refurbished, surplus computers and make, model and form factor will vary. Product specific orders, such as Dell laptops only, can be made but extra fees will be charged. Minimum hardware specifications, such as processor type, hard drive size and memory size, will be met.

Minimum Purchase:
All international and bulk orders must be for at least 10 or more desktops or 5 or more laptops. For smaller quantities visit our online store at

Inventory List:
Once the computers are prepared you will be sent an inventory list with the make, model and hardware specifications of all computers.

International Warranty:
There is a 5% warranty on exported computers and monitors for orders of 20 or more of the same units. In other words, if you buy 20 computers we will include an extra one as warranty (21 total).

All machines are 110 volts as standard. Most desktop computers can be switched to 220 volt. It is the responsibility of the recipient to switch to 220 volt if needed. Laptop power supplies automatically switch between 110 and 220 volt.

Power plugs:
Power plugs are USA standard (two rectangular and one round pin).

Keyboards are used and are standard English QWERTY layout. New French and Spanish keyboards can be provided.

Laptop Batteries:
All laptops will hold a charge but we can’t guarantee the life and functionalities of second-hand batteries. We can provide new batteries for an additional fee.

(Power chargers included)
Minimum HD
Minimum Memory
Price per unit U.S. dollar
Core 2 Duo Processor
80 GB
2 GB
Core i5
250 GB
4 GB
(No software installed. Used keyboards and mice can be included for no additional cost)
Minimum HD
Minimum Memory
Price per unit U.S. dollar
Core 2 Duo Processor
120 GB
2 GB
Core i5
250 GB
4 GB
LCD Monitors
(No software installed. Includes power cable and VGA cable)
Price per unit

InterConnection is Microsoft Registered Refurbisher and can install Windows and Office on desktops and laptops destined for NGOs, schools, libraries and low-income individuals.
Benefits of receiving computers with pre-installed Windows and Office:

Receive Microsoft critical updates. Updates are not available if un-licensed Windows is installed.

All driver software is pre-installed.

Operating system installs ensures the functionality of the computer.

Microsoft Office is the most widely used productivity application in the world.

Anti-virus, Google Chrome and other programs including Khan Academy and Wikipedia offline can also be pre-installed.

Cost is $50 per computer.

Bulk orders are shipped from our warehouse in Seattle to any destination in the U.S. Orders usually ship on pallets via commercial fright carriers. Shipping can be arranged by the recipient or by InterConnection.

Once the computers are packaged and ready for shipment we will have the information necessary to make up the Bill of Lading and Commercial Shipping Invoice. These documents are needed to import computers. Documents will be mailed to the recipient via a courier, such as Federal Express, or an “express release” will be authorized which means documents will be issued in-country.
Prior to shipment we can provide some example shipping documents and sample details of equipment to illustrate your discussions with customs officials. We recommend contacting a customs broker prior to initiating any shipment to avoid unexpected charges. Certain countries have high taxes on used computers and some countries don’t allow the import of used computers. It is the importers responsibility to investigate any potential import issues.

Be aware that transport from the port of entry to the destination may not be on high quality roads. There is less control over product transport once it leaves the port and port to door transport is when most damage occurs to the computers. InterConnection is not responsible for damage that occurs during international shipment and port to door transport.

1. Fill our the order form below.
2. Once the details of the order are finalized you will be sent an invoice. A 50% down-payment is required to initiate the order. InterConnection is not a funding agency and can’t provide any help with costs nor can we offer credit terms. Payment from international recipients is by bank wire only.
3. Order fulfillment period depends on the quantity of computers ordered. Orders less than 20 units usually ship in a week. Ocean container loads of 400 or more units will require at least a month to prepare.
4. When the order is completed and ready to ship you will be required to make any remaining payments, including payments for shipping.

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