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PictureLa Casa de Eliza, is a charming 4 room guesthouse, Avenida Isabel La Catolica 1559 (reservations by phone: 593 2 226602 or e-mail)  in Quito's new town, run by an equally charming woman, Eliza. For only $6 a night, per person, you'll have a friendly place to stay in Quito, kitchen and laundry facilities, luggage storage and a safe deposit for valuables. The owner, Eliza Manteca, is a grassroots environmentalist, who is one of the founders (and now president) of the Golondrinas Foundation. Income generated from the guesthouse is channeled towards conservation work. You may not always find Eliza in her 'Casa' as she spends most of the time in the Reserve doing community outreach and conservation work, but her delightful staff will equally welcome you into her home.

PictureEl Tolondro, is located in a subtropical valley 48 km from Ibarra, on the road to the coastal town of San Lorenzo, in the village of Guallupe. Guallupe, is also home to Eliza Manteca, co-founder and president of the Golondrinas Foundation. From the hostal onecan enjoy hiking, visits to the Golondrinas Cloudforest Reserve as well as opportunities to assist as a volunteer in the Foundation's agroforestry project. The price per night is 12 US$, which includes three meals. Horses and guides can be arranged from Quito or at the hostal. To get to El Tolondro take a bus to San Lorenzo via Ibarra and request to be let off at Guallupe. Disembark on the main road and walk 10 minutes uphill, following the sign.

PictureEl Corazon Cloudforest Lodge is situated at 2200 meters in the heart of the Golondrinas Cloudforest Reserve. Guests must boast a healthy stamina as a four hour walk is required to get to the Lodge. If needed local guides with horses can bring you to El Corazon from Guallupe. The Lodge itself is spartan, but possesses splendid views of the Golondrinas Ridge and highland forests. This hilltop perch is also excellent for birdwatching. Bird lists by e-mail are available upon request.  El Corazon has one room with 4 bunkbeds, an outhouse, a basic shower and a fireplace as kitchen. Those who don't want to hike four hours can stay in the Santa Rosa cabin (1680 mts altitude) which is only one hour uphill from Las Juntas. Price per night: 5 US$. Full room and board: 15 US$/day/person.

PictureCabana de Moran, sits peacefully at the edge of the paramo (3000m), the Ecuadorian equivalent to the arctic tundra, home to the odd 'Frailejon' plant and the Andean Condor. The Cabana is run by local villagers, headed by the Castro and the Quintanchala families whose sons have proven to be brilliant guides. Enjoy breathtaking views of the forest canopy and horseback riding. During a two day stay you are also guaranteed to see the majestic Andean Condor, the national bird of Ecuador. The village of Moran is unique in that numerous families have become ardent environmentalists and as a whole the community has joined the Golondrinas Foundation in its efforts to protect the area. Cabana de Moran, contact: Fernando Calderon (the driver of the milktruck). Telephone 06-977-274  or manteca@uio.satnet.net . The village charges an entrance fee of 2 $US, accommodation and food (3 meals) cost 10 $US.

All other guest houses, contact: manteca@uio.satnet.net



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