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Project Heritage House - Who We Are And What We Do

The Vision

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The Vision

Project Heritage House has a goal for the academic school year of 2001-2002 of the following:

  • Project Heritage House will sponsor a new second grade class and retaining the old second grade class.
  • During the program's first year (2000-2001 school year) Project Heritage House sponsored a second grade class of twenty-one students. The Project provided a full time psychologist, two teachers, two supervisors and an administrator. Twice daily the basic nutritional needs of the children were supplemented by snacks in the morning and mid-afternoon. Vitamins were also provided daily. The classrooms, bedrooms, and playrooms were also extensively remodeled. This program will be doubled in the 2001-2002 school year. Every year another class will be sponsored, and the old classes retained.
  • Project Heritage House will purchase 26 computers through donations for all 419 students of the orphanage, the on-site dentist, and the child psychologist. Funding will be provided to hire a full-time computer teacher. Internet time will be donated locally.
  • The on-site dentist will gather statistical data on homeless children for further medical financial help from such organizations as the World Health organization, UNICEF, International College of Dentistry, and the National Institute of Dental Research. Studies on Odessa homeless children's dental health will be tracked to assure future competent dental care and access needs of the homeless children of Odessa.
  • Developing and maintaining psychological profiles on the children. Different educational programs will be tracked and reported. Records will be kept on academic results. Statistical data will be monitored on the progress and effectiveness of current programs. These results will be reported to state and local authorities to show the success of Project Heritage House.
  • All of these projects help Project Heritage House give the orphans of Odessa Children Boarding School and Orphanage Four a chance at a normal life.