Helen Keller Blind Massage Center of Beijing

  In China, there are over 7.55 million blind people and 50 million disabled people. The majority of them have little chance of receiving technical training after they are out of school. The need for jobs is primary for them. They lack the information, knowledge, independence and contact with society. They have less education and skills, so they can't adapt to the reality of modern society, and can't get a suitable job. The key is to expand education and knowledge for the blind. The internet provides a simple and effective method to distribute talking books.

No technical training equals no employment. No knowledge equals despair. Talking books provide access to the riches of human culture and the blind have every right to this knowledge. It is very important for the blind children and women to gain knowledge.

We have received some support and talking books from Lowell Association for the Blind in the United States of America. However these are English books and very few blind Chinese can read English.

During the last few months, we have sought help from organizations in Taiwan. There are many Chinese talking books there, with many titles for children, teens and women. The National Library of Taiwan (NLT) and The School for the Blind of Taipei have agreed to copy talking books at no charge to us. Unfortunately, they cannot afford to provide blank cassettes and recording machines. We need your help to fulfill our dreams to provide talking books for the blind.

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