Helen Keller Blind Massage Center of Beijing

  The Center's services are not limited to massage but also include a wide array of services. We have a complete plan of development to assist the blind and to ensure that they remain active members in our society.

We ask that you consider supporting the following plan through contributions:

  1. The Talking Books Library Project - Develop talking books for the blind. We will purchase a library of talking books and loan them to the blind. These books will provide a very useful service in the dissemination of information to the blind including children, students and older persons.

  2. The Internet Portal Project - Establish an internet presence. Our web site will describe our Center and provide information about disabled persons in China. It will act as a central resource on Braille products for the blind; teach others how to cure illness with Chinese medical massage technique (including acupuncture); tell others about Chinese customs and local practices; teach others how to learn Chinese online, and provide access to a Chinese information guide. Through the web, we will promote cultural exchange and understanding between disabled and non-disabled people and promote social participation for disabled persons.

  3. The Technology Project - Develop new communication goods for the blind, using Data Flowing (DF) technology. DF is similar to a normal recorder/player and can play cassettes. It also transmits data (speech sound) at high speed via telephone line for downloading of talking books. For example, DF can transmit the contents of a 60 minute cassette in 5 to 10 minutes. DF technology would be adapted for the blind.

    At this time, DF is a tentative design which requires further development, but it will have a substantial application in promoting communication for the blind.

  4. The Long Term Project - Upon completion of projects 1, 2 and 3 we will have the ability to provide talking books via the internet.

This is our plan. The project must be completed step by step. First step, we must open the service of Talking Books. It is the platform of the whole plan and very important to the blind.
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