"Building empowering future for persons with disabilities both nationally and internationally"

Historical Background

Kenya Disabled Development Society (KDDS), was formed in January 1992. The Society is exclusively manned by disabled persons. Its main objective is to develop the disabled persons educationally, socially and economically, hence fit in the mainstream of the society.

Projects proposed to be undertaken to enable the realization of our goals are:

  1. Disabled and Health
  2. Disabled and Education
  3. Economic and Social development of a disabled person
  4. Performing Art
  5. Women and Disability
  6. Disability and Housing
  7. Advocacy on Disability Issue

Currently, priority has been given to income generating projects which provide the following to a disabled person:

  • Provide job opportunities emanating from the started projects
  • To break poverty/disability cycle
  • To be economically empowered hence have the purchasing power
  • To be productive to the economic development of the society
  • Lead a healthy life
  • Avoid malnutrition and hunger