Mr Saleh W. Makori - Chairman

An Administrator by profession, Mr Makori is physically handicapped. His interest in Disabled societies began way back in 1980 when he got employed by the Kenya Government. That year, he formed Kericho Disabled Self Help Group which he headed for five years.

He relinquished his position when he was transferred to Kisumu where he joined Victoria Disabled Development Society. After three years, he was elected Chairman of the organisation. He served the organisation in that capacity for two years when he was transferred to Kitale.

While in Kitale, together with some friends, they realised the need to form a nation-wide organisation for the disabled. Thus came the birth of Kenya Disabled Development Society in 1992. Mr Makori was elected Chairman and has been serving in that capacity to date.

Peter Bodo Ong'aro - Secretary General

Born in 1959, Peter became physically disabled due to a polio infection in infancy. He began attending Primary School in 1968 at Joytown Special School in Thika. He later joined the mainstream education system in 1975 at St Patrick's Primary School, Kericho where he sat for his Certificate of Primary Education (CPE) passing highly. After that he joined Kericho Day Secondary School in 1976 where he sat for his East African Certificate of Education (EACE) in 1979 and obtained a second division.

He began his professional life as an un-trained teacher from 1981 - 1985 when he joined Kilimambogo Teachers Training College for a P1 course (In - Service). Completing his course in 1988, he went back to teaching. He was posted to Joyland Special School for the Physically Handicapped in 1990 where he remained till 1995 when he joined the Kenya Institute of Special Education (KISE) to pursue a two year Diploma course in Special Education. He completed the course in 1997 and returned to teaching. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Education (Special Education) at Kenyatta University.

Mr Bodo is a very talented person having many achievements in various fields. He is also a very determined person as evidenced in his rise from an un-trained teacher to a (would-be) university graduate. He has held several local and national offices serving the disabled and others alike. He is also an accomplished writer and has authored the following papers and articles:

  • Rehabilitation of the Physically Handicapped in Kenya
  • Factors Hindering Community Based Rehabilitation in Kisumu Municipality
  • Memorandum to the Task Force on matters pertaining to the disabled
  • "My Caring Community" - a poem on disability
  • Observations, suggestions and recommendations to KISE on matters pertaining to Handicapped students
  • Views to the Education Review Commission

His hobbies are scouting, sports, music, reading, drama, arts, writing articles and exchanging views on disability issues or projects/exchange programmes with other disabled persons. His ambition is to further his education to PhD level on disability studies. This dream can only come true through acquisition of scholarships or grants for educational advancement in USA, UK, Denmark, Norway, etc.


Born at Ahero, Nyando District, Nyanza Province, Mary Atieno Gawo is a born again Christian and single.

She was born disabled from birth and has accepted her status. She works hard to achieve her dreams. Her major wish is to pursue a musical career to the highest level, the sky and resources are her limit.

She commenced her education at Joyland Special School for the Physically Handicapped, Kisumu, from 1987 – 1995. She proceeded to Joyland Secondary School for the Physically Handicapped, Kisumu, in 1996-1999, sitting for K.C.S.E.

Unfortunately her mother passed away immediately she completed her Secondary Education (K.C.S.E). It was double tragedy as her father had passed on in 1997. She was a total orphan unable to raise funds for college and has to do odd jobs to make ends meet.

 She managed to go to Nyanza Commercial Collage in Kisumu where she pursued a secretarial course,

Her hobbies are reading the Bible, novels, news papers and music. She is gifted in singing. She started singing when was only five years old at church and school.

She has an album of eight songs/tracks to her credit. However, she requires assistance to enable her market it and to do mass production. This assistance will make her reach many with the Gospel of Christ, and be a blessing to many souls.

 Her Cell phone Contact: +254 723 250998.