The organization intends to undertake the following in future when most of the current commitments will have been accomplished:

  • Setting up a factory unit for wheel-chairs: The benefits of this project will be of two-fold: providing a means of mobility to crawling disabled; and also to provide job opportunities.
  • Starting a small loan scheme: This project will assist disabled members obtain loans at a reasonable rate for their personal development e.g. paying school fees for their children, buying residential properties, cars, etc.
  • Development of a database for accessible tourism: The project will provide vital information on tourist hotels and cities which are accessible to enable a disabled person or the aged easy access. The information will be provided for a small fees which will help boost the society's kitty.
  • Women and Disability Development: This project will assist to empower the disabled women and avoid the "double tragedy" i.e. gender/disability discrimination. Most projects in this area will be for empowering the disabled women economically and socially. These will enable them to command dignity from the public and override African cultural beliefs attached to a disabled woman.
  • Disabled Ministries - to evangelize to persons with disabilities
  • Disabled and Agriculture
  • Information, Communication and Technology sector-establishment of Cyber cafes.
  • Disabled Children sector
  • Transportation sector
  • Handicrafts manufacturing and marketing sector


The development of the organization's projects does not proceed fast enough due to lack of adequate funds. Many international organizations funding projects are biased against the disabled. Their minds are inculcated with the saying - "Disability is Inability". However, we welcome any willing donors wishing to create partnership with us for the development of our projects.