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Colaborate us

Manna welcome every effort made by various contributors to meet the objectives of Manna. Since Manna is a community based organization and still trying to established its offices, we are lacking every thing and we shall appreciate if any of the following items are donated to us.

This this mr. Lokov an infant who is malnurish and Manna has been dealing with such cases. The boy is 3 years old and he is taken from Bira, Boldiak.

Computers, Typewriters, secondhand cloths, Secondhand truck, Moneys, Tractors, bulldozers, Medicines, Clinic equipment etc. Computers will be use in community educational centers, primary schools and one computer in each an office. Trucks and lorries will be use to help transport building materials and from Kenya-Uganda and Sudan. For the tractor and bulldozers if any, will be use to grade roads and the airport. The community has already started clearing road with hoes. We intend to use trucks for ferrying sand and stone for construction of community health and educational center. The money will be use to purchase construction equipment and materials for construction from Kenya or Uganda. Some of the dollars will be used for Microcredit activities and for motivation purposes. The dollars will be multi purpose and will probably cater for every thing that the community lacks. The secondhand cloths and shoes, will be used for payment to the work force and this will act as motivators, Medicines and clinic equipment to assist in establishing Primary Health Care centers that we really want the community to benefit from rather than dying even from wounds.

Every donation should be addressed to:

Manna Sudan
C/O Bishop Johnson Akio Mutek
Catholic Diocese of Torit
P. O. Box
Tel9 254-2-743855
Account Number:


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