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       Past and Future Goals
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Manna had been very successful in its pilot projects like in Bira, people have laid bricks for establishment of Educational and Health centers. Some 56,000 bricks has been burn and waiting for other materials from Manna for the kick off of the project. While in Isoke, Bee keeping projects like hives, have been started. In Lomohidang, people have started selling their items like onions, cabbage, and sweet potatoes after we identified them the market. Commerce has been a new name in the Langoland and it is picking up. Our presents in the area have given the community a voice and a chance to exhibit their cultural richness.
This is a house made out of grass, poles, strings, mud wall and bamboos. This is currently the onl type of houses the Lango Community has been living for centuries. Manna Sudan call upon international community, donor agencies, churches and individual to support us and salvage this community from stone age era.

Future Goals

· Community empowering

· Poverty alleviation

· Achievement of sustainable economic development

· Future food security guarantee/Relief food

· Peace and security in the Langoland

· Technological present and transaction activities

· Human rights and democratically oriented

· HIV/AIDS awareness

· Skilled personnel

· Improvement of infrastructure and social life


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