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       History of Manna Sudan
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Since independence of the Sudan in 1956 form the British; Sudan has been at war with the Southern part being the battle zone. The current war in Sudan has claimed 2 million lives of innocent civilians in either ways.
This is a garden in Bira. It is a vast plain land
called Nahoyahitela.

As a result of the ongoing war, Manna Sudan was formed in Bira Mountains on 15th 1999. Manna came to operational in February 5th 2001 with it coordinating Head Office in Nairobi Kenya. Manna has other four offices in New Sudan namely: Ikotos, Isoke, Tseretenya and Bira. Ikotos is Manna's Headquarters with outreach coordinating office and the only one that deal directly with Nairobi; others provide fact sheet on the entire community.


This is Barnabas
Francis Lopeyok with his nuclear family leaving for home after long day digging..

Manna is a name taken from the Bible Ex. 16:15 which means (Food miraculously supplied to the Israelites in their journey through the Wilderness). Langos today are in the wilderness and they need Manna to rescue them from all sorts of needs. Manna is a non-partisan, non-religions, and non-profit making organization but a local Non Governmental Organization (NGO) that endeavors to work as a developmental and humanitarian instrument committed to its missions and objectives.


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