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The Lango community are the Nilot and are both agriculturists and nomadic. They are bordering Uganda from Northeast. These people are found along the mountains of Bira, Isoke, Tseretenya, Imotong, Lomohidang, Gilo and Katire, generally, they are mountainous with sub-tribes of Lokwa, Dongotono, Ketebo, Logir, Lorwama and Imotong. Politically, they belong to Torit County-Eastern Equatoria in Equatoria Region, Southern Sudan. Lango populations are about 70,000 and are bordering tribes like the Lotukos, Acholis, Buyas and the Didinga within the Sudan and Karimojong and Acholis in Uganda. It is one third (1/3) of Torit County.

Lango in full Logir traditional dance in Ikotos
There are couples of environmental problems that the Lango community experiences currently. Deforestation is one of them, which have been cause by cutting down trees for fuel. Firewood has been a big problem couple with the influx of other tribes as a result of internal displacement from the current civil war. Today Lango headquarters, Ikotos have been flooded and it is now the headquarters of Torit County. Clearing of more land for human settlement and grazing land for the community animals as a contributor. Drought has hit Langoland for the past years that resulted to bad harvest.

The Lango people faced not environmental factors but also economics problems. Our people encountered all shorts of macroeconomic variables. Since there is war, our people face more problems than expected. Our folk's still use stones for grinding their grains, they don't know what money is, some even never climb a truck. Langos doesn't know what employment or allocation of national resources is. We have many minerals in the mountain but we don't know exactly what they are. The economic activities like transaction is zero and things like social services and infrastructure are non-existence. There is no any tarmac road in the Langoland since independence. The Langos has been marginalized and kept out of the world by the Islamic regime. The entire community does not have a clinic or a Hospital.

The Lango area is a very large and rich agricultural land East of Torit County. It extends from Katire, Imotong Mountains, to Tseretenya hills and from Bira Mountains to Karenga. The area goes to Kidepo Valley National Park in Uganda across to the border with the Didinga and the Buya. Crossing Kidepo Valley at the point known as Haji Akara (Place of Akara) straight to Lobira hills and through Burung, Oguluyore bordering Kiyala Payam at Loguruny valley, and through the wilderness to Hilleu and joins Katire again.


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