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MANNA is mandated by the Lango Community to advocate for development to help meet their basic needs and widen their opportunities to reach their maximum demand and realization of the vision of peace and social progress.

MANNA help to educate the Lango people to fulfill their moral obligation in alleviating human suffering, removing its causes and promote social justice.

MANNA is to serve individuals and families in poorest communities in the New Sudan and in the World after the fulfillment of the long-term object.

MANNA draws strength and opportunity from our global diversity, fact sheets and experience. We do promote innovative solutions and advocates for national and international responsibility.

  Executive Director of Manna Mr. Charles Abdoni Loker  

MANNA is guided by the norms of national and international solidarity, human dignity, equality and freedom. It will be a voice for voiceless, oppressed, vulnerable and the poor in it arena of operation.

MANNA members collectively will govern it, set it policy, create its plans and manage the resulting activities in ways that creates effectiveness, efficiency alignment of our works, resources and policies. Manna branches or affiliates will take independent responsibility and decision making for allocation of its resources and running their duties.

MANNA is a non-partisan and its cooperation is free of discrimination. In everything it does, the most disadvantaged community, individual in great need, will be MANNA primary target.

MANNA facilitate lasting change by: strengthening capacity for self-reliance; delivering relief in case of emergencies; providing micro credit opportunity; influencing policy decision making at both levels; addressing discrimination and corruption at all forms.

MANNA aims through its geographical activities to promote the gender balance to support their complete participation in social and economic development of the Lango communities.

MANNA works with all its partners towards the attainment of the sustainable human development and it will abide with regional and international community charters.

MANNA is guided by the aspiration of the Lango; we pursue our mission with both splendid and compassion because the ones we serve deserve nothing less.



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