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Some of the current programs that Manna undertakes are as follows:

  Peace by means of
    -Traditional methods
    -Creation of community common market
    -Share of information, etc
  Micro credit facilities
    -Offering initial capital to clients who want to start small business
    -Allocation of financial assisting to income generating project likes coconut oil, Simsim oil, coconut juice, whitewash projects, bee keeping etc.
    -Providing the community with market intelligence and marketing of their products.
    -Manna held seminars on education
    -Gender education with emphasize on female, is our priority
    -Community are advised to lay bricks for the foundation of their schools and Manna provides what the community cannot afford.
    -Manna motivate once in a while those parents who let their female children go to school.
    -We provides stationery at all levels.
    -We are yet to sponsor the best candidates in the field that we feel necessary.
    -We will provide the communities with farming tools, seeds, and introduce extensive Ox ploughing.
    -We shall be providing an agricultural expert to advise the communities on how to go about improving their agricultural skills.
  Primary Health Care
    -We are encouraging the communities to lay bricks for the establishment of dispensaries in every locality.
    -We shall provide equipment, drugs and medically skilled persons.
    -HIV/AIDS campaign will be conducted in everywhere the communities live and could be done in either through seminars, workshops, talkshows, etc.
  Housing and Roads construction
    -We are encouraging individuals to lay bricks and other materials for the housing foundation while Manna will provide them with cement and Corrugated Iron Sheet.
    -Manna pays those who involve in road clearing and cleaning with foodstuffs, second hand cloth and any other basic materials that the community might lack.
  Environmental Awareness
    -Tree planting campaign
    -Nature preservation (forest)
    -Sensitize the community on the important of parks e.g. Bira Reserve Park from Uganda Kidepo Valley National Park that Bira shares with Uganda.
    -Uses of water in the area
  Good Governance
    Good governance is being introduced to the Langos. Abuse of power at community and other levels, is considered taboo and any one who might be caught practicing this, will not hold any office of the community neither will she/he represent the community interest at all levels. This is done by seminars, workshop and every body is involve in community decision making and implementations.
  Human rights and Democratization
    Basic principles of human rights are taught to the community. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights handbooks are provided to those who can read and understand while those who can not read, are translated and informed what is all about. The Langos are also educated on the Western democracy with the example of USA, Switzerland, India and Republic of South Africa with Nelson Mandela as an icon.
  Relief Food
    This is one of the variables that need to be addressed. Relief foods and materials will be strictly issued to the destitute and in the time of any emergencies resulting from man-made or natural calamities. Case study will determine who qualifies to be a relief beneficial otherwise, we are encouraging independence and hard work from the community.


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