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|||||   AMERICAS    |||||

Fundacion Cimientos, Argentina
Promotes equal educational opportunities through programs that prevent drop out.

Habitat for Humanity Belize
Helps needy families construct decent, affordable houses through a self-help, cooperative construction program.

Amigos de El Pilar, Belize/Guatemala
A community group working to preserve the El Pilar Archaeological Reserve for Maya Flora and Fauna.

Wild Belize Photography, Belize
It is the intention of the photographer to capture still images of Belize's exotic wildlife and landscapes in an effort to instill appreciation for the natural environment in Belizeans and visitors alike; ultimately leading to stronger conservation efforts in this beautiful country of ours.

SEAMOS, Bolivia
Works to prevent drug use and offer social assistance and health care.

Alfarería Precolombina, Chile
A pottery workshop that uses Pre Columbian methods, reproducing techniques used by indigenous groups throughout the Americas

Soñin, Teatro de Tìteres, Chile
Soñin’s mission is to go to places with a theater of puppets where children do not have access to artistic events, and this way, improve the quality of life by providing happiness, entertainment and culture.

Fundación Futuros Valores de Barranquilla, Colombia
A home for street children of Barranquilla.

Asociación del Consejo Nacional de Mujeres Indígenas Costarricenses (ACONAMIC), Costa Rica
Works to increase the ability of natives to manage small businesses and thus improving their economic situation, the image they have of themselves and their natural environment.

IETSAY, Costa Rica
Works to increase the ability of natives to manage small businesses and thus improving their economic situation, the image they have of themselves and their natural environment.

Golondrinas Foundation, Ecuador
One of the most successful grassroots conservation projects in Ecuador. Their goal is to conserve a unique forest ecosystem while improving the standard of living for the people who reside in the region.

Fundación Ñucanchi Yuracuna , Ecuador
Located in the high Andes of central Ecuador, their project is three-fold: Conservation, Education, and Hope. Their primary objective is to purchase approximately 400 acres of high altitude, tropical forest.

La Asociación de Mujeres Indígenas de Chimborazo (La Minga) , Ecuador
Association of Indigenous Women in Mt. Chimborazo region.

Asociación de Trabajadores Agropecuarios Santa Isabel de Macas , Ecuador
Works to improve the economic conditions of the poor through agriculture techniques, micro loans and education.

Proyecto El Condor , Ecuador
Works with 14 native communities of the Mt. Chimborazo Reserve for community development.

FOCIFCH (Federación de Organizaciones Indígenas de las Faldas del Chimborazo) , Ecuador
FOCIFCH supports 630 families of the Province of Chimborazo inside Mt. Chimborazo's National Park. (Spanish)

Fundación Atasim, Ecuador
Fundación Atasim promotes rural and community development in Ecuador. (Spanish)

Morona Santiago, Ecuador
News and articles related to the province of Morona Santiago.

New Era Galapagos Foundation, Galapagos Islands
Their mission is to prepare the youth of San Cristobal island for the challenges of conserving the Galapagos Islands.

Auxilio Rural Integral de Jutiapa, Guatemala
Provides health and education services to rural communities in Guatemala

Center for Indigenous Women Communicators, Guatemala
The CMCI functions primarily as a center for women to unite and communicate. Members develop skills in communications technology to enable better representation in the world and in the media.

Office of the Achi Women, Guatemala
The Office of the Achí Women is a branch of the Rabinal Legal Aid Clinic dedicated to promoting and defending the rights of women.

Tropical Rainforest Foundation, Guatemala
Dedicated to the preservation of natural resources in Central America.

Through dialogue, monologue, movement, drumming and singing, FAVILEK members (over 80 women) give graphic descriptions of abuses suffered under military rule, while sharing how they have struggled to come to terms with the aftermath.

Jamaica Environment Trust, Jamaica
Operates Jamaica's largest environmental education program, the Schools Environment Program. We believe awareness of environmental issues is critical building block of good environmental stewardship.

Jamaica Purepecha of Mexico, Mexico
Metal, Wood and Clay Work from the Purepecha Indians of Michoacan, Mexico

Centro de los Derechos del Migrante (CDM), Mexico
Dedicated to improving the working conditions of migrant workers.

COMPALCIHT (La Asociación Coordinadora Municipal de Proyectos de Ciudades Hermanas de Tipitapa), Nicaragua
Provides sustainable human development to the urban and rural sectors of the community of Tipitapa through basic education, preventive health, revolving fund and special attention to young children.

Nivaclé Indigenous Handicrafts, Paraguay
The Nivaclé are a small indigenous community that live in the remote Chaco Region of Paraguay. They sell weavings and crafts that give the families an additional source of income.

Latin America Center for Studies and Cooperation for Development, Peru
Working to promote economic development in undeserved communities, with special emphasis on children and youth.

Lumen Sapientiae Initiative , Peru
An initiative for improving the social and economic living status for communities facing poverty conditions in Northern Peru.

The Yachaqui Wayi Responsible Travel Center, Peru
Yachaqui Wayi, “House of Knowledge” in Quechua, was developed in 2005 as a place where travelers and locals could come together and share and celebrate cultural diversity. The center’s main aim is to provide educational tools that help tourists travel in a more respectful and responsible way.

Environment Tobago, Tobago
A non-government organization committed to the conservation and restoration of Tobago's environment.

IEARN Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago
A non profit group of Community Leaders, Teachers and Students working together to provide, support and empower teachers and our youth k-25 with an opportunity to make a worth while contribution to our society, through education and culture for global understanding.

Natural Disasters iEARNTNT
Part of a critical initiative to provide educational material between young people around the world in preparation for the Natural Disasters Youth Summit.

|||||   EUROPE   |||||

The Legal Society Association, Georgia
Support legal awareness and reform, protect the environment and human rights, and provide legal support to NGOs

The Women's Association of Romania, Romania
Carries out programs of promotion and supporting for the Romanian women.

The Project Heritage House, Ukraine
Project Heritage House provides assistance in the areas of children's education, material, and nutritional needs.

YELADIM, Ukraine
A site devoted to improving the lives of Jewish children in the former Soviet Union.

|||||   AFRICA   |||||

Village Concept Projects, Africa
Helps villagers in low-income countries to improve their living conditions.

Eastern Africa Environmental Network, East Africa
EAEN serves as a cohesive force in dealing with environmental conservation issues of local, national, regional and global concern.

Destinee Charity Foundation, Cameroon
Destinee Charity Foundation is a certified non-profit organization which works to improve the quality of life of the indigenous people (pygmies) of Cameroon by using donations and funding to provide education, health care and community development projects.

ELENA NGO, Cameroon
We hope to empower women towards self dependence and sustainability.

FEEDAR & HR, Cameroon
The mission of FEEDAR & HR is to alleviate rural poverty and bring about Sustainable Rural Development by employing sound agricultural techniques and options to agriculture including alternative(innovative) sources of income in Agricultural Development.

Humanitarian Rehabilitation Organization for the Poor and Needy (HOFPAN), Cameroon
A non-governmental organization charged with the alleviation of poverty and health hazards in the Cameroonian society.

International Children Foundation (ICF), Cameroon
Supports needy children and their mothers, for a sustainable development.

Manyu Palm Kernel Industry, Cameroon
Works with the local communities, encourage and expand their own community development.

United Action for Children, Cameroon
Working to develop a caring society for children and provide help before it's too late.

Youth Development Association, Cameroon
A non-governmental organisation in Cameroon seeking progress and relief from poverty through youth education and community development schemes..

Guards of the Earth and the Vulnerable (GEV), Ghana
Guards of the Earth and the Vulnerable (GEV) provides educational, social-cultural, legal, and environmental protection and advocacy for the vulnerable in Africa.

Leaders of Tomorrow Foundation, Ghana
Committed to providing today's youth with the necessary leadership tools that will enable them to be suitably equipped for the challenges facing themselves and their country.

RUSO (Rural Upgrade Support Organization), Ghana
Employs volunteer humanitarian action to empower local communities and contribute grass-roots solutions to RURAL challenges of providing health-care, education and social development.

Rural Aquaculture Project, Ghana
Works towards enabling the rural folks to overcome their poverty by fostering social development, gender equity, income generation, environmental sustainability and small-scale business management.

Talented Youth Theater, Ghana
Using Drumming, Dancing, and Drama as a Means of Transferring Information on Youth Issues and also Assisting the Youth to Appreciate their Rich African Culture.

All Round Regional Outreach Web Kenya (Arrow Kenya), Kenya
Arrow Kenya's vision is to improve the quality of life for Kenya's most vulnerable children, women, and communities, by providing assistance through educational, health, and community developmental programs that alleviate poverty.

Community Aid Development Fund International Kenya (CadifKenya), Kenya
CadifKenya is dedicated to helping poor children, youth and poor communities in Kenya and their families.

Foundation Agency for Rural Development (FARD), Kenya
Specifically, FARD promotes programming aimed at creating opportunity for self-sufficiency among the rural poor population in the Makueni district in Kenya.

Inter-Community Development Involvement (ICODEI), Kenya
To fight AIDS, build libraries and pre-schools, encourage micro-enterprise for women and provide health care for the people of Western Kenya without regard to religion, politics, ethnicity or nationality.

Jami Iyatu Taalimil Quran, Kenya
Provides secular and religious education to and establishes village centers and self-help groups for the needy

Kenya Disabled Development Society, Kenya
Building empowering futures for persons with disabilities both nationally and internationally.

Kenya Programmes of Disabled Persons, Kenya
KPDP is an indigenous NGO working towards the advancement and well-being of persons with disabilities (PWD) in Kenya with the goal to equalize opportunity and promote the full participation of PWD's in society.

Kwacha Afrika Troupe, Kenya
A youth based community organization whose members have been fully involved in HIV & AIDS awareness, prevention and care programs.

Lake Victoria Stars Youth Sports Association, Kenya
Lake Victoria Stars Youth Sports Association is a youth serving sports organization founded in the year 2002 by youth.

Learning and Development Kenya (LDK), Kenya
Its mission is to respond to the needs of communities and its children, with a primary objective of improving the quality of life of those in need, as defined with words such as extreme poverty, destitution, oppression, deprivation and austerity.

Manna Sudan, Kenya
Helps to educate the Lango people to fulfill their moral obligation in alleviating human suffering, removing its causes and promote social justice.

Neighbors in Development Services (NIDS), Kenya
NIDS exists to alleviate poverty among local communities through local resource mobilization and capacity building of community based organizations (CBOs) and contact farmers for effective participation in development of women and young people.

The Nairobi Community Foundation (NACOF), Kenya
Nairobi Community Foundation (NACOF) is an institution that works to strengthen grassroots development by unleashing creativity in community asset-building.

NGONG Youth Sports Club, Kenya
Encourages Nairobi youth to become useful and active members of their society.

OSIENALA (Friends of Lake Victoria), Kenya

Promotes sound environmental management measures for sustainable utilization of the resources within and around Lake Victoria.

Overcomers Visionary Faith Centre, Kenya
Help to reduce the number of people who are dying from AIDS through creating awareness campaigns through education, seminars, booklets, workshops, radio, television, newspapers, magazines and the internet.

Shauri Yako Community Youth Support (SYSC), Kenya
Shauri Yako Community Youth Support Centre is a community based organization, based in Nyeri, Kenya. SYSC was created to provide developmental services for children and youth living in poverty in Nyeri.

UONGOZI: Center for NGO Studies, Leadership, and Management, Kenya
UONGOZI:Center for NGO Studies, Leadership, and Management is a voluntary not-for-profit organization, which was incepted in 2004. Its mission is to empower communities through knowledge, experience, capacity and partnership building.

Assistance for All (AFAL), Liberia
Assistance for All is a NGO based in Liberia.

The Young Advocates for the Advancement of ICT-related Development (Y.A.A.ICT-D), Malawi
Y.A.A.ICT-D's mission is to shape the Malawian Society through active participation of youth, who are key stakeholders in the information revolution.

Children Right Defense Association (CRDA), Mali
Children Right Defense Association (CRDA) works to improve the socio cultural and socio economic conditions of children and women through education, income generation activities, and access to technology.

ESTAMOS - Organizaçao Comunitaria, Mozambique
ESTAMOS hopes to provide better health through improved access to potable water and environmental sanitation, through HIV/AIDS education and prevention, and through improved food security to the vulnerable rural and urban communities in Niassa Province, northern Mozambique.

African Centre for Education and Development (ACED), Nigeria
African Centre for Education and Development (ACED) works to build consciousness for community initiative for sustainable rural development on the continent of Africa through partnership at all levels.

African Youth Development Foundation, Nigeria
AFRYDEF hopes to empower young people, women and children choose a better future for themselves within a society that enables positive social changes through facilitating sustainable leadership and rural development initiatives in Africa.

Association for Child Health, Nigeria
A non governmental, non political, and multi service organization formed to improve the health condition for Children, adolescent and youth.

Center for Development Support Initiatives (CEDSI), Nigeria
Committed towards Promoting good governance and sustainable development in the Niger Delta.

Centre for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development (CESSED), Nigeria
CESSED's mission is to achieve sustainable socio-economic development through participatory resource management.

Center for Youth Development Project, Nigeria
CFYDP was established to address the poverty and unemployment situation of the youths and as a vanguard organization for the advancement of the youth through the development of leadership and entrepreneurship skills necessary to create positive change in the youth.

Development Communications, Nigeria
To ensure scientific literacy for all Nigerians by the end of the 21st century through appropriate communication strategies, health promotion, education and the popularization of development policies and programs.

ICT for Nigeria, Nigeria
ICT For Nigeria is Non Governmental Organization, involved in Youth Development and Empowerment through the acquisition of Information and Communication Technology (I.C.T.) skills.

Life Impact Outreach, Nigeria
Life Impact Outreach is a non-profit organization committed to the implementation of millennium development goals in Nigeria.

Rural Economic Development & Empowerment Agency (REDEEMA), Nigeria
To promote grassroots development efforts and to empower the poor and the less privileged to use available, affordable and transferable local initiatives to enhance holistic development that would better living standards.

Society for Development and Community Empowerment, Nigeria

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Awareness for Africa, Nigeria
Dedicated to raising awareness of SIDS in Africa and dispel the myths that the death of these children us as a result of some sort of curse on the mother or the children themselves or that the children decide to come repeatedly back to this world to torment their parents (Abiku).

Youngstars Foundation, Nigeria
Facilitating youth empowerment for self-actualization and participation in nation building.

Farmer's Center of Initiatives and Research for the Environment and Sustainable Development (CIRPED), Senegal
CIRPED is a Senegalese non-profit Organization created in 1993 to support farmers' organizations, rural communities and small artisans. It aims to attain a sustainable agriculture and an economic growth in the respect of the ecological balance.

Horizon Santé Développement (HSD), Senegal
Horizon Santé Développement formed in response to severe health and environmental issues affecting Senegal.

Society for Women Against AIDS in Africa, Senegal
Promotes positive traditional values; sexual education of the young people; responsible behavior and testing and tracking HIV among the young people. (French)

Kolenten Secondary School, Sierra Leone

African Regional Youth Initiative, Tanzania
ARYI is a collaboration of youth and community-based projects and organizations in Africa working to fight HIV/AIDS and malaria.

Development Initiatives Promoters (DIP), Tanzania
Development Initiatives Promoters (DIP) Ltd is an organization dedicated to enhance the worldwide sharing of skills/knowledge for all peoples for sustained development of mankind by actively promoting interventions, appropriate technologies, innovations and knowledge which contribute to the improvement of livelihoods.

Youth in Action, Tanzania
A volunteer-powered organization working to uplift the standard of living among the youth of Tanzania.

Arua Rural Community Development (ARCOD), Uganda
ARCOD's mission is to promote emancipation of the rural communities for economic development and poverty reduction; awareness and improvement of the quality of life through capacity building, strengthening self-help organizations and micro finance.

The Association of Uganda Women Medical Doctors (AUWMD), Uganda
The purpose of AUWMD is improving the health status of the population of Uganda, especially, women, children and adolescents.

Adult Literacy And Initiative For Development (ALAID), Uganda
ALAID's aim is to provide vocational skills, health care and health education, adult literacy and computer training primarily for poor and under-educated youth and women.

Busoga Integrated Development and Care Foundation (BIDCAF), Uganda
The Mission of BIDCAF is to help individuals and groups awaken to their needs and ability to change, and put this change to practical use through a participatory and partnership approach, and multiplier effect with a view toward promoting sustainable socio-economic development in a socially acceptable, gender sensitive and environmentally friendly manner.

Charity for Orphans and Women, Uganda
Our mission is to empower and improve the wellbeing of orphans, youths and women in Kayunga District and northern Uganda. War has ravaged part of Uganda since 1987.

Family Forum Uganda, Uganda
Family Forum Uganda's mission is to empower and strengthen the family, through innovative strategies that promote an enduring social change and ensures sustainable and equitable improvement in the standard of living for Children and Families.

Help-One Women's Organization, Uganda
To alleviate poverty among rural women, to empower the women through socio-economic activities, to provide vocational skills to make them less vulnerable and marginalized, and less open to exploitation.

Hope After Rape (HAR), Uganda
HAR facilitates the recovery of sexually abused children, women and families through advocacy, research, training and provision of psychosocial support services.

National Association of Women Organizations in Uganda (NAWOU), Uganda
Promote a coordinated network of member organizations for efficient use of resources in order to improve the status and living conditions of women in Uganda.

National Foundation for Democracy and Human Rights in Uganda (NAFODU), Uganda
NAFODU promotes and strengthens democracy, human rights and good governance through election monitoring, lobbying and advocacy, civic education, training, information dissemination and conflict resolution.

Ntulume Village Women’s Development Association, Uganda
To increase the income of women members through provision of entrepreneurship skills training and development, Micro-Credit support, and information sharing, so that they are able, to play an effective role for sustainable development.

Radio Apac 92.9 FM, Uganda
Community-based radio station in Uganda.

Rural Information Services Association, Uganda
RISA aims to facilitate the flow of information within and between rural communities in Kayunga, Uganda. We are committed to the innovative use of information for rural development, and the fight against poverty and disease

SOS Sudan Association, Uganda
Aims to improve the quality of life of the people of Kabira Sub county through the initiation and involvement in participatory rural development projects.

Twezimbe Rural Development Organization, Uganda
Assists Southern Sudanese refugees in the field of education placing special emphasis on girls and adolescents.

Uganda Media Women's Association, Uganda
As an association of professional women journalists, the primary goal is to promote interactive communication and to enhance visibility and status among the less advantaged groups so that equal gender relations can be realized.

Project Educate, Zambia
A non-profit organization designed to help improve educational standards, facilities and activity in the Southern African State of Zambia, thereby improving standards of living.

Rescue Mission Zambia
A youth-initiated, youth-led and youth-oriented NGO that works to empower youth to participate in affairs of their societies through projects, meetings, lectures, and other lawful activities that further the aims and objectives of the organization.

Vision of Hope, Zambia
Vision of hope is a Community Based NGO founded on Christian principles and values of humanity/mankind by Sunday School Teachers of the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) in Lusaka Presbytery. It was born out of compassion to help, defend and address the needs of the poor, especially the orphans and vulnerable children.

Zambia Shanty Community Development Organization (ZASCODEO), Zambia
ZASCODEO's mission is to provide activities that will facilitate community development towards good health, self-sufficiency, and public success that comes through community participation.

|||||||   ASIA   |||||||

Behzad Health Center, Afghanistan
BHC’s main objective is to provide health facilities to the destitute and needy refugees and local people through medical, surgical, gynecology, E.N.T, pediatrics and immunization Program and laboratory services.

Development for the Poor, Bangladesh
Assists marginal farmers and the landless poor through various income generating programs and other activities.

Institute of Integrated Rural Development (IIRD), Bangladesh
IIRD's mission is to create a model of rural development that can be replicated in any area of the country - one that will facilitate the creation of the strong society IIRD envisions.

The Helen Keller Blind Massage Center of Beijing, China
A new non-profit, social services organization which provides medical services for the blind community.

Striving to build a society where there is no hunger, discrimination, injustice (arising out of inertia) and diseases.

Aid India, India
Striving to build a society where there is no hunger, discrimination, injustice (arising out of inertia) and diseases.

Joys Memorial Education Society, India
Committed to educating underprivileged groups in Andhra Pradesh — women and children in rural areas, dalits, landless labourers, widows, destitutes and orphans — who need our specialist care for their survival.

Open Arms India, India
Exists to offer hope to India's most needy - the parentless children, widows, lepers, sick and uneducated - by providing childcare, free medical care, education, food, water, vocational training and emergency help to those who suffer.

New Perspectives Fund, Kyrgyzstan
The main aim of New Perspectives Fund is to promote equal status for women and girls and their full participation in economic, social and political life.

COPPADES (Committee for the Promotion of Public Awareness and Development Studies), Nepal
Promotes organizational activities among women and the discriminated groups by building up awareness among them and empowering them through economic self-dependence.

NGO Networking, Nepal
NGO Networking facilitates interaction between experts in different areas and promotes the sharing of ideas and information between the NGOs and the people.

Frank Foundation, Philippines
The foundation serves as a catalyst of technology learning and application through charitable undertakings in order to change lives for the progress and development of the community as a whole.