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The youth of Ngong have been marginalised when it comes to matters concerning development in our area. There has existed a general motion that the youth activities are geared to produce detriment to the society. This has led to the youth being assumed or ignored when it comes to making crucial decisions in the region.

The youth also have past to blame in this prevailing situation. This is because many of the youth are not interested and/ or aware of what is happening around them. Most people with behaviour that causes detriment to the society are the youth.

Ngong Youth Sports Club (NYSC) was formed with the ultimate aim of revolutionising the above – mentioned negative notions and to make the youth useful and active members of the society.

As the name suggests N.Y.S.C. is not only sports oriented. Sports was seen as an easy means of getting the youth together.  This is because most sports are played by the youth. The youth of this region mostly come together only to play sports e.g. football.

The people that came up with the idea of forming the club are:

Jacinta Syokau
Collins Rajuai
Jeffrey Kariuki
James Rajuai
Hezron Ouma
Phillip Owili
Janet Ndungu
Jeniffer Mwelu
John Bakari

The above mentioned people contributed money to buy soccer balls basketballs. The football team was first to be formed because at the time of its formation, football was the only sport that was taking place in this region. The football team is called Hillside Football Clubs. Through the formation of the team we got 23 members.

After formation of a basketball team, we got 17 members . At this stage, the main problem was to get lady members. Recruitment of ladies was done by talking to them and convincing them into joining. Male members of the club also had to bring their sisters to join.

From the recruitment of members, we first got a total of 40 members. An election was held on 28/8/97 and the position were filled as follows

Chairman - James Rajuai
Vice Chairman - Hezron Ouma
Secretary - Jaqui Gacheche
Assistant Secretary - Mike IBM
Treasurer- John Bakari
Assistant Treasurer - Jacinta Syokau
Project Manager - John Kilonzo
Club Co-ordinator - Jeffrey Kariuki
Committee Members
Jeniffer Mwelu
Elsa Nkurunna
Jaqueline Rajuai
Mary Ngigi
Charles Rajuai

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