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Being part and parcel of the community some of the projects we highlighted on are as below:



We being contributors to its upkeep and determinations we identified specific areas of deterioration

Environmental- Garbage Disposal- Tree Planting- Road Improvements



This problem which currently affects a large proportion of the residents due to lack of facility to take care of the garbage from homes leading to its accumulation and dumping by the road side tanatamounting to environmental degradation and breeding places for disease carries and rodents. The club saw it fit to engage in the garbage disposal project to try and alleviate these problems. We started the project in late in 1996 in scheme 305 because, logistically, it is centrally placed and also it is where the club emanated from, so most of our parents are currently enjoying the services offered.

In essence each homestead first required to give a down-payment of 500/= shillings (refundable on termination which is used as caution money. Collection takes place on fortnight basis with a charge of Kshs 100/- per collection amounting to Kshs 200/- only per month.

Special cases of homestead with more than one home are:

We distribute 3 bin bags per homestead. In these bags garbage is kept to collected on Saturdays mornings time 7:00 am to 9:00am, one bag should be kept near the kitchen for easy access and another for compound trash while the 3rd is to cater for excess. When properly managed in the homes it keeps the compound tip-top and easier to take care without being environmentally unfriendly

The fund generated are re-pumped into the club to acquire the necessary paraphernalia and to promote our sporting endeavors.

With the increase in the number of homes we intend to re-cycling the garbage after dividing it, i.e. plastic cans, papers and foodstuffs to be filled and handed to any club member for follow up.

Environmental- Garbage Disposal- Tree Planting- Road Improvements



In our area, we plan to plant trees on the roadside in strategic places to improve on the esthetical appeal of our surroundings.

In future, we will be involved in tree planting campaigns like going up the Ngong Hills and planting trees to promote afforestation and project water catchment area. This will be done in conjunction with the KWS and other environmental conscious organizations

Environmental- Garbage Disposal- Tree Planting- Road Improvements



The road leading to homes from main road are in bad states, especially after the El-Nino pounding causing motor vehicles owners great agony due to the bumps and grind cars under go while using these roads.

The youth are ready to co-ordinate with motor vehicle owners and other road users in putting together the necessary resources, i.e. material and financial to be used in improving the conditions of the roads

Once embarked on there is need to establish a proper drainage system to eradicate the problem of surface water draining over the roads hereby creating trenches and potholes that is the main factor to its degradation through eroding the surface.

To cap it all, we saw it fit to plan for clearing the bushes that are breeding places for rodents, snakes, mosquitoes, etc. and hiding places for thieves. Once cleared it will give us the space to plant tree and flowers along the roads.

Environmental- Garbage Disposal- Tree Planting- Road Improvements

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