Phase II - Continuation of Current Projects/Future Projects

NYSC formation



Youth Awareness Programs

Community-Based Projects

Phase II





Business Formation


Elevating the club to semi-professional status by fully equipping our sportsmen and women with the necessary sporting areas to bring out proficiency.

Giving our sportsmen and women maintenance money after every sport outing.

Engaging in leagues of higher levels, presently, division one being our target. We also plan to promote our tournaments and leagues in the sporting activities.

We intend to build a sports complex which will encompass the stated sporting activities and which will also have a club house, library lecture hall that will act as a conference room, audio-visual show room. The hall could be used as a classroom where the senior clubs members in the universities and colleges can teach their juniors for free.



Being involved in the restoration of the Ngong Hills through:
  • Afforestation and re-afforestation of flora and fauna (Plants and animals) that were once abundant.

  • Setting of campsites to promote Eco-Tourism by both local and foreign tourists.



We plan to embark on animal husbandry we will rear:
  • Pigs, which will directly benefit from the garbage disposal project in that a lot foodstuff forms part of the garbage.
  • Chickens, both egg laying and for meat.
  • Dairy cattle
  • Breeding of dogs
  • Planting of horticulture, e.g. tomatoes, onions, carrots, etc.
All the above mentioned products will marketed to give the club a better financial position.  

Business Formation

Business Premises

This place will act as an office where club activities will be coordinated.

There will exist a shop that will sell consumer products, in it we also plan to do food processing like making juice, yogurt, milkshake, jam etc.

There will also be a bakery machine capable of producing 100 loaves these loaves will be supplied to household while still fresh and not as opposed to the normally sold bread.

We will also be preparing cakes for birthdays, weddings and other festivities on order, this option is already taking place with the aid of our female members.

Acquisitions of means of means transport preferably a mini-bus will help in the transportation of our agriculture products, the garbage disposal project, transportation of clubs members to and from sporting activities and as a PSV vehicle for transportation of people along Ngong Road for generation of funds.

We the Youth have the above mentioned aims, targets and activities with the guiding hand of our Senior Residents (Parents) we will be able to eradicate the general motion that youth activities are mostly inclined towards the detriment. We the youth pass a passionate plea to You the reader in any way you deem fit as a helping hand let us unite and promote out Youth, our surrounding, our country to greater light of achievement step by step.

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