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We embark on attending and organizing seminars delivered by qualities personnel concerning in subjects concerning youth existence. Career advancement, spiritual nourishment, drug, aids, etc. If possible in future Audio-visual means shall be used to highlight on those specific issues.



The Ngong Youth Organization was formed with the overall objective of improving youth existence in Ngong. This is to be done by involving ourselves in all matters happening in the community e.g. sports, environmental and health.

Presently, HIV/AIDS poses a big threat to Kenya. The youth of Kenya form 70% of the whole population and the largest population exposed to the threat of HIV/AIDS. With this in mind, the Ngong Youth Organization has joined hands with the community to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS.

We have great concern for our community and its future, so we are asking to be given support by NGOs and all organizations of the government in order for us to be able to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic.


Ngong Youth Organization's mission is to

  1. Create awareness to the public
  2. To visit schools to engage in AIDS awareness campaigns
  3. Acquire, produce and issue to the public materials that deal with the subject of HIV/AIDS
  4. To assist children suffering and orphaned by HIV/AIDS through legal, social, physical and psychological support


  1. HIV/AIDS Awareness campaigns
  2. Youth Network


There is a big need for AIDS/AIDS-related materials in schools, churches and other institutions. In this response, NYO has embarked on a project of acquiring materials from organizations that have them and giving them in schools, putting up posters in public places, performing plays and shows during HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns. Since sexuality is a very closed topic within the African setting, many youth lack information on sexuality and how they can protect themselves from the consequences of unprotected sex e.g. unwanted pregnancy, abortion, STDs and AIDS.


The Youth Network was established in the year 2000 in recognition of the need to address the problem of HIV/AIDS and reproductive health issue among the youth. The Youth Network's goal is to reach to all the youth in this region, to provide information and support services. It also aims at promoting good morals and abstinence amongst the youth. NYO believes that one way of responding to the needs and challenges faced by the youth on issues of reproductive health is by providing positive youth-friendly education materials to the youth and adolescents. We expect that the information given during our campaigns will go a long way in changing attitudes of the youths and the general public on matters concerning sexuality.

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