SOSSA is a nonprofit organization assisting Southern Sudanese refugees in the field of education placing special emphasis on girls and adolescents. It has adult educational programmes and also helps young students to continue their education without breaks while they are still in Uganda.

Uganda is host to more than 250,000 refugees from Southern Sudan. The majority live in camps and settlements. There is also a substantial self-settled population in Moyo and Kitgum Districts. SOS Sudan Association feels that providing humanitarian aid alone is not the solution to the problem of the refugees. The refugees started arriving in the late eighties and continue to come following changes in education policy in Sudan which have effectively cut most Southerners off from further education. In Southern Sudan, education has ceased to exist. The greatest need here is to maintain a continuous education system from primary to post-secondary so that any potential bright Sudanese child can complete his/her education without serious gaps. We believe that this will provide long-term solutions and will also provide human resources that will be needed for reconstruction and development when peace is achieved in their homeland.

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