SOSSA helps young Sudanese refugees to continue education in Uganda without gaps so that when they return to their homeland after peace is achieved they can contribute to the reconstruction and development of their country. The organization assists students by providing financial support to meet the costs of school fees and other requirements needed in order to pursue their studies. The Association solicits funding from other donors/NGOs to enable it carry the work of helping the refugees with their educational needs.

In addition, the Association also supports teachers. There are 230 teachers in the primary schools alone. Most are not trained, and additional funding is required to send them for further training. The schools are built by parents on land allocated by the Ugandan Ministry of Local Government.

SOS Sudan Association pays special attention to girls' education. Under Equal Access Education Programme initiated by SOS Sudan Association, we try to encourage and support girls and adolescents to take education seriously. SOS Sudan Association offers sponsorship with a marked effort to consider girls.

Adult education programmes with a revolutionary approach are targeted at parents to change cultural attitudes which are among the factors adverserly affecting the education of girls. Through these programmes, parents need to be enlightened that girls' education can be as beneficial to them as of that of boys.

SOSSA is working through a partner NGO called Equatoria Civic Fund (ECF) which has been mandated by the UNHCR to work among the Southern Sudanese refugees in Northern Uganda.

SOSSA is also affiliated to the Nileland Charitable Trust, Nairobi, Kenya

They have been doing this work already for the past five years, mainly in Kirjandongo refugee resettlement, Masindi District. See Map