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101.7 MAMA FM - Community Radio (Show Schedule)


101.7 MAMA FM: is a community radio station set up by Uganda Media Women's Association, UMWA, to address the plight of the under privileged and minority. It is the first women radio station in Africa and third in the whole world. It covers a radius of 400km and targets particularly women between the active age of 15-45 and the general public. MAMA FM seeks to promote developmental interactive communication. It aims at broadcasting gender sensitive educational programmes and offering training/practical experience for female journalists.

Station's Slogan

The Voice to Listen To

Geographical Coverage

The radio covers a population of over 13 million people in the central, part of west, south Western and Eastern Uganda.


The Radio Station is located at 226 Kisaasi about eight kilometers from the city centre off Bukoto-Ntinda road.


Uganda Media Women's Association embarked on the radio project in 1997 following a situational analysis which established that under privileged people in communities often lag behind in matters of development due to limited access and lack of basic information.

In Uganda radio is relatively the most affordable medium to the ordinary person especially in the rural areas compared to other medium of communication. Unlike other medium it cuts across the barriers of illiteracy while its portability makes it convenient to carry for example to gardens and markets.

Recent years have seen a tremendous growth in the radio industry with the country boasting of over 25 radio stations majority of which are FM and cater for various regions within the country.

Despite these achievements, women especially in the rural areas are still lagging behind in accessing information through radio. The number of women owning or having control over radio sets is low. This means they cannot decide which station or programme they would like to listen to. Likewise their voices compared to those of their male counterparts are poorly represented on the air. Research has shown that the number of women speaking through radio compared to that of men is low with a ratio of only 15 women out of 100.

Most radios cover community issues only when disaster, accidents strike them or when they have done bizarre or weird things. Their day today needs, aspirations and wants are largely ignored and they are therefore left behind in the development process.


Radio is the most affordable convenient medium for people living in the rural areas. It also plays a big role in the development process of the under privileged. MAMA FM: The Voice to Listen To was therefore set up to provide a more and interactive accessible medium for the under privileged particularly women in rural and semi-urban communities, to enable them develop and progress along side their counterparts in urban areas.


Mama FM Radio station seeks to contribute towards empowering individuals and marginalized communities' especially women by promoting their concerns and increasing their participation in the local and national development programs.


Mama FM wants to have the concerns and voices of the less privileged in society take centre stage in the Uganda Mass Media, for a fair and just world.

Overall Objective

To empower society to appreciate the issues of the least heard women, children, people with disability, the youth among others, through the active use of media for sustainable development.

  • Provide, disseminate and exchange development messages to different target groups for their use, discussion and feedback.
  • Provide a forum for exchange of ideas and a platform for expression to women and others who have been insignificant in the existing media.
  • Put issues of the marginalised people on the national agenda with for positive legislation.
  • Promote good governance, democracy, observance of individual human rights and peace.
  • Re-awaken among communities a sense of duty and social responsibility.
  • Advocate and lobby for gender balance in communities at different levels of decision making both in government and the private sector.
  • Help communities preserve and live harmoniously with their environment.

Mama FM addresses a wide range of issues of critical concern to women and other marginalised groups in the fields of health, legal, land, economic empowerment, education, human rights, good governance, leadership, religion, agriculture, peace building, environment and politics.


The issues are addressed in English, Kiswahili and Uganda's local languages such as Luganda, Lusoga, Runyoro, Rutooro, Runyankore, Rukiga, Ateso, Luo and Lumasaaba.


The station is run by a qualified, energetic team of producers and presenters headed by a Program Director. It is assisted by a radio committee comprising volunteer members from UMWA.


Mama FM relates to both local and international organisations. Born out of UMWA's overall vision of seeing a society, accessing and using information for meaningful development, Mama FM collaborates with the existing UMWA's projects including The Other Voice published in five languages, the Rural Outreach Program, training and research.

Since UMWA members are practicing journalists in a number of media houses, information broadcast on Mama FM is shared on other radio stations including Radio Uganda, television and the print media.

Mama FM is a member of Association of World Community Radio Stations, AMARC, and is affiliated to the first women radio station, in the world, Radio Orakel found in Norway.

Community Participation on 101.7 Mama FM

Mama FM was started to accelerate the crusade for community media in Uganda. The station therefore, works with the already established local structures by UMWA. They include women radio listeners clubs in 15 districts, of Uganda.

The RLG receive recorded programs on the topical issues from UMWA for group listening and sharing. The group members are interviewed on issues of concern for broadcast not only on Mama FM but also on other radio stations.

Mama FM is already working, with community groups including / NGOs and schools within the radius of 200 kilometres whose voices and concerns are vigorously sought and broadcast.

Besides phone-ins, faxes and letter writing, community participation is also encouraged through community involvement in programming and production.

Future Plans

The station intends to boost transmission to cover the whole country. It is hoped that development partners will enable Mama FM realise this dream.
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