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The InterConnection website has been updated
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The Volunteer Bulletin Board is a list of organizations that need websites for their community development project or have websites that need repair. 

Before you complete the application review the Virtual Volunteer application process.

If you  know of a project that should be listed on the bulletin board, please fill out the website request application.

Volunteer Bulletin Board - Interconnection

= Denotes a project already under construction by a Virtual Volunteer.  You may still apply for these programs as secondary support.
Title Country Background Need
Adult Education Center Uganda AEC's mission is to be an outstanding civil adult education agency, empowering out-of school youth/adults with knowledge, skills and attitudes for sustainable development.

Develop Website

Adult Literacy And Initiative For Development Uganda Provides vocational skills, adult literacy and computer training primarily for poor youth and women.

Develop Website
- view photos for website here-

Fanm Viktim Leve Kanpe 
Haiti FAVILEK is a grassroots organization of Haitian women, all victims of political violence during the years of brutal military dictatorship from 1991 to 1994 in Haiti. Develop Website
- Need French and English language skills
PRODEC (Program for the Development of Communities) Bolivia  "Prodec " is an institution without profit aims, that has its origin in the simplicity of its goals to combat Bolivia’s poverty levels; its lack of a human resource workforce in the education and health fields in rural areas; the deficiency of a sanitary infrastructure, services of basic health attention; and lack of economic opportunities of the communities in rural areas as well as the Bolivian population in general.

Develop Website

Eritaj Foundation Haiti ERITAJ Foundation was established to foster the creation of Haiti-based social service systems conceived, developed and organized by indigenous leaders with community people.

Update their existing website at
Eritaj Foundation

Office Volunteer
USA Volunteer in our Seattle office.  Onsite volunteers are needed to help with general office administration, event planning, translation, and volunteer coordination and training.  

for a list of projects.

Technology assistance for non-profit organizations in developing countries.

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