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 Available Projects: Peru | Nepal | India

Certain materials and information need to be collected and prepared to build a website. These materials include digital photos, project descriptions and background information on the local community and surroundings. Collecting website materials is a relatively simple process for someone who has the tools to digitize information, has writing skills and is familiar with the way a website’s content should be organized. Many organizations in developing countries, however, are unfamiliar with the Internet, let alone website preparation, and do not have the tools to prepare materials.

InterConnection's Web Development Corps volunteers help non profit organizations in developing countries collect and prepare website materials. During their stay, volunteers take digital photos of projects, write about programs, conduct technology assessments, and visit the surrounding countryside where the program is based.

Web Development Corps volunteers are not required to have website design skills. Once the website materials are collected, they are passed on to an InterConnection Virtual Volunteer who designs the website for the host organization.

Travel logistics and in-country support for Web Development Corps volunteers is managed by Crooked Trails, a tour operator that specializes in community-based travel programs.

Volunteers have the opportunity to provide tangible support, a website, for a non-profit organization while experiencing the area’s food, customs, languages and natural attractions. Volunteers can "get off the beaten path" and explore communities and destinations seldom visited by foreigners.


The focus of this program is on collecting materials for a website not designing a website. Volunteers need skills in writing, research, and photography. Volunteers should have international travel experience, be adventurous, open-minded and have a digital camera or the ability to scan photos.


The majority of the fee pays for program related costs such as food, lodging, ground transportation, translator, and in-country coordinator. The balance is used for overhead. The Web Corps program is not financially supported by any foundations or government agencies. * Airfare is not included.

 Peru | Nepal | India

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Technology assistance for non-profit organizations in developing countries.

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