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- PERU -

The Mountain Institute and El Organizacion para El Desarrollo Integral

Duration: 12  days 
Cost: $1000.00
Time: All Year

On this unique opportunity in the Peruvian Andes you will be living and working with the Andean people in the mountain village of Vicos. The people of Vicos have had little to no interaction with outsiders and have maintained their traditional customs as well as their language, Quechua. However, the popularity of the region for alpine climbing and its close proximity to Huascaran National Park are bringing change to the area. In an attempt to create locally organized and operated sustainable tourism, the people of Vicos are interested in setting up their own community based eco-tourism programs and you have been invited to assist them.

What You Can Expect

Your days in the village will be spent hiking with local Vicosinos photographing the their village and surrounding area and meeting and interviewing local community members such as carvers, weavers, beekeepers, farmers and shawman in order to obtain the information needed for their website.  Evenings will be spent relaxing with your host family.  After your project is completed, there will be time to visit the magnificent ancient Inca capitol of Cuzco with its narrow streets and rich history followed by several days in the Sacred Valley of the Inca visiting colorful markets and exploring Ancient Inca ruins including hiking a portion of the Inca trail to visit the spectacular Machu Picchu.

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