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Virtual Volunteer Program

The Virtual Volunteer Program is the backbone of InterConnection’s Website Donation Program. InterConnection is a non-profit organization that provides free website design and hosting to NGOs in the developing world.  This innovative program matches web-savvy volunteers from all over the world with non governmental organizations (NGOs) in developing countries who need websites.  The volunteers work with the organizations to create custom-made, professional websites.  All work and communication is conducted via the Internet. 

By capitalizing on the skills and charity of tech-savvy Virtual Volunteers, the Website Donation Program is able to provide both a fulfilling volunteer opportunity and a service that is in great demand by NGOs.

A good example of a typical Virtual Volunteer is Rebecca Yoo, who lives in California.  Rebecca volunteered her time to create websites for Cimientos Foundation in Argentina, and Development for the Poor in Bangladesh.  Thanks to her support both organizations now have professional websites they use to attract volunteers, donations and other forms of support for their programs. 

The accessibility of this program is the key to its tremendous success.  Since all work is done via the Internet, volunteers can provide their time and skills remotely, from their home or office.  InterConnection currently manages over 100 Virtual Volunteers from 8 countries and applications from potential volunteers arrive daily.

 The Virtual Volunteer process is simple:  A volunteer first selects a project from the online volunteer bulletin board (  The volunteer then completes an application that InterConnection staff reviews to determine if his or her Internet skills and time availability is appropriate for the selected project.  Once a volunteer is matched with an appropriate project the volunteer receives the website materials previously sent by the organization, such as text and photos.  The volunteer also receives the email address of the organization’s contact person.  This allows the volunteer to work directly with the organization and receive their feedback during the design process, ensuring the creation of a website that reflects the organization’s operational needs and design expectations.  InterConnection staff provides volunteers with technical support and encouragement along the way to ensure that the selected project is completed to the client’s satisfaction.


Layla Colegrove
”I am currently seeking a volunteer opportunity where I can use my web skills while working from home.”
Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha, Pakistan,

Rebecca Yoo
”I have always enjoyed volunteering and designing web pages, so being a virtual volunteer with InterConnection was the perfect opportunity! 

I have never worked with such organized people.  All the materials were given to me right away.  I was free with the design of the page and I got good feedback about the finished product."

Websites Created: Development for the Poor, Cimientos Foundation, Eastern Africa Environmental Network, Tropical Rainforest Foundation

Catherine Sovereign
”This opportunity sounds just wonderful.  I am looking for a chance to apply my skills.  I have 5 years HTML experience, some java, some perl, some multimedia Real Player streaming video, forms etc.”
Committee for the Promotion of Public Awareness & Development Studies, India,

To become an InterConnection Virtual Volunteer, please visit

Technology assistance for non-profit organizations in developing countries.

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