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Our Virtual Volunteer program provides a venue for global-minded people to help developing communities without leaving home. Virtual Volunteers use their writing, design and website development skills to create webpages for these societies.

Why you should volunteer
Unfortunately, many people in developing areas do not have the skills or resources to utilize the internet. InterConnection created the Virtual Volunteer program with those people in mind.

As an InterConnection Virtual Volunteer, you have the opportunity to become involved in a variety of projects, including:

  • Provide marketing assistance for community tourism projects
  • Help create an online store for displaying handmade crafts and materials
  • Gain financial support for non-profit organizations

Who Can Apply?
Anyone with basic skills in website design and development and the desire and commitment to make a difference.

Click for a form you can give to others to
let them know about the Virtual Volunteer Program


  1. Browse our Virtual Volunteer bulletin board. You’ll find a variety of projects that need websites.  All programs meet InterConnection's  selection criteria.
  2. Before you complete the application see if you have what it takes. . .. click here for some guidelines on Virtual Volunteering.

  3. View examples of previously donated websites to get a better idea of the work

  4. Still not sure?  Read about previous volunteers and their

  5. Complete the online Virtual Volunteer Application

  6. If selected, we will email you contact and background information on the project and associated graphics. An account with your own user name and password will be created to provide the opportunity create and design the website.

Websites are typically limited to 5 pages and require about 10 hours to complete, depending on your skill.  InterConnection reserves the right to modify or redesign any donated website.  All donated websites become the property of the recipient group or individual.

Personal Projects:  InterConnection realizes there are some organizations out there we may not be aware of. We encourage you to give them a hand! Create a website for a project you learned about while traveling, a project you read about, or even one you heard about from a friend. If you choose to promote a personal project, make sure it meets our criteria. - SEE PROJECT CRITERIA - Send us an email with a description of the project and how you believe it meets our criteria. You can also request to have the personal project posted on our bulletin board if you would like a Virtual Volunteer to create the webpage.


Technology assistance for non-profit organizations in developing countries.

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