Are you ready to volunteer virtually?
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Volunteering from a home or work computer is different from working on-site with an organization for many obvious reasons: there's usually more flexibility in the use of your time, a greater degree of independence, you interact very little (if at all) with various staff members, etc. For some, these differences make virtual volunteering ideal; these same reasons can make it difficult for others.

Setting your own schedule is one of the chief joys of virtual volunteering. However, there's nothing virtual about the commitment you are making, nor the deadlines you are assigned to complete the volunteer work. The organization is counting on you to finish any projects you volunteer for. When you agree to a virtual volunteering assignment, you are agreeing to completing the assignment on time.

It's so easy to say yes to volunteering via the Internet that many individuals sign up to do so before really considering their expectations and schedule for an assignment.

Before you volunteer to help an organization via the Internet, consider the following to determine if you are ready:

If you answered no to any of the above questions, or had difficulty answering some of the questions, perhaps you are not ready for volunteering virtually.  If you still feel you might be ready to be a virtual volunteer, check out some of the Online Resources offered by